Our publications below provide details about the evolution of the outbreak, offer proposals to successfully implement the response, give an outline of the financial and non-financial resources to re-establish services and present insights on how to end Ebola in West Africa and build back successfully.


Resources for Results Series

Resources for Results (RR) Series

RR # V, .pdf (January 2016)
RR # IV, .pdf (August 2015)
RR # III, .pdf (February 2015/ Updated in April 2015)
RR # II, .pdf (December 2014)
RR # I, .pdf (November 2014)

Cover of the Publication \"Progress 2015\"

Making a difference
The Global Ebola Response: Progress 2015

40 pages
June 2015
.pdf (1.58 MB)

Global Ebola Response: Outlook 2015

Making a difference
The Global Ebola Response: Outlook 2015

36 pages
January 2015
.pdf (6.99 MB)

Ebola Outbreak: updated over of needs and requirements

Overview of Needs and Requirements: Ebola Outbreak (Update for January-June 2015)

50 pages
January 2015
.pdf (1.95 MB)


Overview of Needs and Requirements for the Ebola Response Phase 3 Framework (1 November 2015 - 31 March 2016)

28 pages
November 2015
.pdf (497 KB)