Support the Ebola Response by donating to our partners.

Secretary-General’s Ebola Response Fund

The United Nations Secretary-General launched the United Nations System Response to the Ebola Outbreak to unite efforts of all concerned UN Entities and act as a platform for the global control of the Ebola Outbreak. Funding is directed by UN Mission officials towards priority financial needs of UNMEER and United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programmes working on the response.  The Secretary-General's Multi Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) is an effective and flexible mechanism to fund critical gaps.

This fund enables individuals, corporations and civil society organisations seeking US tax deduction to support UN entities engaged in the Ebola outbreak response in West Africa.

Donate to UN Agencies and Partners Responding
to the Ebola Crisis

In additional to the list above, the UN is working with numerous non-governmental and civil society organisations in West Africa to address the crisis. Businesses are encouraged to continue supporting these efforts through new and existing partnerships. Find NGOs operating on the Ebola response through the web portal  "Interaction".


Contribute to Ebola National Responders

For donors wishing to contribute towards response to the Ebola crisis bilaterally, the Governments of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone welcome cash/in kind contributions.