Community education about preventing the spread of Ebola. Photo UNICEF-Guinea

United Nations Volunteers (UNV) are global citizens motivated to contribute to peace and development worldwide, selected from an open talent pool of people.

Currently UNV has over 250 volunteers in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. These volunteers are a diverse pool of specialists who serve with UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, FAO, UN WOMEN, UNMIL, UNHCR, OHCHR and UNOPS.

UNV is sending more volunteers to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to support the Ebola Response.

In particular UNV are looking for candidates with a professional background in the health sector. Some of the profiles and expertise UNV are looking for include medical doctors with experience in epidemiology and infectious diseases, nurses with experience in infectious diseases, medical logisticians and laboratory technicians among many others.

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